¿What is Gastromedia?

We’re a food marketing agency specializing in strategy and content. In other words, we’re a rare commodity. We work solely with the food chain—producers, manufacturers, distributors—because we love all things edible. And when you do what you like, the result is incredible. Want a taste?

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We help your company focus the business on the end-users —delighting and seducing them. At the end of the day, they have all the power: they decide if they’re going to buy your product, cook it and make it a part of their regular diet. And if we think about them, they’ll think about your brand.

We prepare plenty of “specials” in our kitchens, although most people order the following five main courses:

Strategy. We start by analyzing the way your consumers perceive your brand and products, how the brand performs in its market segment, and your company’s objectives. Only then can we make a plan and identify what will help you win them over.

Digital personality. We take the best aspects of your brand and turn them into a story the internet eats up. We tell you where you should be, and we do everything to ensure that your strategy is as appetizing as your product.

Good conversation. At Gastromedia, we invent, prepare, and serve up delicious and nutritional content strategies that give your consumers exactly what they want.

Universe & Culinary Culture. We squeeze every last drop out of your product. We find its place in the pantry, explore its possibilities with new formats for consumption, and we put it to the test in the kitchen so that it gives the performance of a lifetime. Your target audience will be licking their fingers.

ConnectSpain! We’re experts in the Spanish market: we’re familiar with it, we analyze it, and we know how to work it. That makes us the perfect ally for companies from all over the world who want to connect with Spanish consumers. Want to know how we do it? Take a look.

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We’re a band of gluttons that really know what we’re doing. What to hear more?

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Together with our clients, we’re one big happy family. Even the in-laws are cool.